Birth Stones

Birthstone Ring

First, you need to know what your birthstone is, and what the meanings and benefits surrounding your particular birthstone are. Birthstones can bring a variety of benefits to those who wear them, based on the gemstones associated with birth dates and in line with astrology. Having unique benefits and historical significance, birthstones are often worn as jewellery, the most popular being a birthstone ring.

January Birthstone – Garnet

Often used as symbols of love and friendship, these gemstones were often exchanged between friends as tokens that they would meet again. A Garnet is often used for manifestation purposes and worn as a talisman for good luck and offering protection for travelers. In addition to bringing vitality, high energy, and protection, a garnet also helps build self-confidence and clarify. Garnets come in an array of color from intense orange (Mandarin Garnet) to brilliant green (Tsavorite Garnet), this variety of color makes it the perfect gift for a variety of occasions. Legend has it that garnets light up the night and protect their owners from nightmares. Because of the beautiful different colors, garnets cater for a multitude of tastes and styles. They really do offer you January babies stunning choices for your birthstone ring.

February Birthstone – Amethyst

This distinctly recognizable gemstone with its vivid color made it a popular choice for medieval royalty, and for centuries both the British and Swedish royal families have substantial Amethysts in their jewelry collections. With a variety of healing properties, Amethysts are said to promote a sense of calm and reduce anxiety. Colors range from pale to deep reddish purple. Siberian mines used to produce the finest Amethysts which were a rich purple with red and blue flashes. Today “Serbian” is a trade and grade term referring to the particular color of Amethysts which were mined there.These gorgeous purple gems go from quite a cool, pale purple to a deep stronger color. They set beautifully in yellow, rose, white gold & platinum. If you need ideas for your Amethyst birthstone ring, look no further! Lets create the perfect ring just for you…

March Birthstone – Aquamarine

Now this is gorgeous gemstone! Named after its cool hue of blue to slightly greenish blue, and much like the ocean aquamarines are said to have a soothing energy. Many positive effects of aquamarine have been documented including improving one’s sense of well being. Often used as a love crystal it helps promote harmonious relationships, given as a love token in the form of an eternity ring, it is said to increase commitment. It also promotes empowerment for both men and women. These gems set beautiful in all metals, however if we had to recommend our favorites, they’d be white or rose gold! These make exquisite birthstone rings, but we’ve found a number of clients asking us to help them design pendants too.

April Birthstone – Diamond

Diamonds are the hardest natural material known to man, it’s no wonder they say diamonds are forever. Apart from dazzling us for millenia, diamonds offer some physical benefits too! They detoxify the body’s systems and balance the metabolism.The most popular choice when it comes to engagement rings, Diamonds promote loving energy and actually attract unconditional love for you and the people closest to you.When choosing your diamond birthstone ring, we highly recommend that you consider an eternity band! These gorgeous pieces are perfect on their own or when stacked together!

May Birthstone – Emerald

A much treasured gemstone whose desirability has only grown through the ages, Cleopatra was famous for her love of the emerald but emeralds have been celebrated not only for their beauty but served as an antidote for spells and curses. Many a crown has been adorned in Emeralds, with their recognisable green hue. A stone for love and romance, it is also considered to bring wisdom and reason to the wearer. These jaw dropping gemstones make for a stunning birthstone ring.

June Birthstone – Pearl

Although not a stone, Pearls are acclaimed for their iridescence and lustre and often appear to glow. The round surface of the pearl acts as a convex mirror reflecting light which emanates from within. There are of course a wide variety of pearls too which make them great for adapting to various styles & tastes of jewelry. Luxury pearl jewelry can make use of Akoya pearls (otherwise known as the classic pearl), Freshwater pearls which come in very unique shapes, their size varies and colors range from feminine pinks and creams to lavender and rose. Tahitian pearls or black pearls range in color from silver and grey to darker charcoal and chocolate. Their overtones give off a magic glint of cherry, blue green, silver and aubergine. When most people think of pearls, their mind will often go to more traditional jewellery, like earrings, necklaces and broches. Well I have news for you, pearls make the MOST incredible rings! Your very own pearl birthstone ring is one chat away…

July Birthstone – Ruby

Rubies are one of the most popular gemstones used in traditional jewelry, and due to their rarity they can be more valuable than comparatively sized diamonds. It stands to reason as to why Rubies are known to boost confidence. Some associate the powerful Ruby with good luck and fortune. Like diamonds, rubies are assessed based on the 4Cs; color, clarity, cut, and carat. The darker being the most expensive and sought after. Lab-Grown Rubies are available as cost effective alternatives.These truly are, such special gemstones! Due to their hardness, they are perfect for everyday wearing, making them a fantastic choice for a birthstone ring.

August Birthstone – Peridot

Known as the gemstone of the sun, this brilliant green ancient stone is found in volcanic areas as well as in meteorites. Many different gems are found in meteorites that have fallen to Earth, but peridot is found in sizes large enough to be made into jewellery. South Africa provides some of the finest gem quality peridot stones. Peridot should be spared from rugged wear, and is better suited for pendants, earrings and dress rings. Peridot is known to bring good cheer and balance to ones emotions. They do make the most beautiful birthstone rings, however these shouldn’t be worn everyday as peridots are not regarded as particularly durable. They are highly suitable for earrings, necklaces and pendants. The great thing about peridots is that they are relatively affordable!

September Birthstone – Sapphire

Sapphires are one of the most sought-after gemstones used in jewelry today undoubtedly brought to mainstream popularity by its feature in Princess Diana’s stunning engagement ring which was later given to Kate Middleton in Prince Williams proposal. A truly royal stone, sapphires are available in pink and purple, orange and yellow, green, with of course the most popular and traditional shade of blue a consistent favorite for engagement rings, earrings, and pendant necklaces. Sapphires are highly durable and therefore perfect for an every-day-wear birthstone ring. Recommended rings are eternity rings as they are perfect on their own or when stacked together. That being said, a stunning sapphire dress ring will never go unnoticed. As mentioned, sapphires come in a variety colors, shapes and sizes; contact us now and we’ll find the perfect sapphire just for you!

October Birthstone – Tourmaline

Arguably one of the most colorful gemstones on earth, Tourmaline can be found in blue, green, red, yellow and pink, with what we at find the most mystifyingly beautiful; the watermelon tourmaline which gets its name from the pink colored center and green perimeter around the outside, resembling a watermelon and it’s rind. Our Sliced collection features these fascinating beauties set in rings, earrings as well as pendant variants. These gorgeous stones make such lovely birthstone rings! They come in the most stunning shapes, colors and sizes…

November Birthstone – Topaz

Although popular colors for topaz are generally yellow and blue, Topaz can be found in a variety of colors including pink, red, orange and colorless. Topaz can also present different colors in different directions. In 1967 a Blue Topaz of nearly 100kg (500 000 carats) was discovered in the Ukraine. The Egyptians called Topaz the “Gem of the Sun,” Blue Topaz helps in bringing body, mind and spirit into union and is traditionally given as a 4th wedding anniversary gemstone. One of the most lovely and well known is the London Blue Topaz.

December Birthstone – Tanzanite

Discovered in northern Tanzania, the world’s only known Tanzanite source, geologists estimate the uniquely African gemstones supply may be entirely depleted within the next 20 years, making it one of the rarest gemstones on earth and equally as desirable with the likelihood of its value increasing as its supply quickly depletes. Tanzanites examples with a strong-to-vivid blue, purplish blue and violet-blue color are the most valuable. It is often set in bracelets, necklaces, and earrings, and of course rings… It is a true African beauty!